Transportation services means travel assistance given to an individual with escort service if necessary to and fro community facilities and resources as part of a service plan. It also means the conveyance of participants between the centre and to designated location, as well as to and from service provided directly or indirectly by the centre.
To make safe, reliable, comfortable, and affordable daily commute we are providing efficient and the safest solution to industries which will eliminate transporting hurdles and can retain the productivity.

Modes of commuting

  • Metro-rail
  • Cabs
  • Bus
  • Personal vehicle

Drawbacks of commuting/ travelling

  • Physical health problems
  • Mental health problems
  • Other issues
  • Personal vehicle

PROS of Transportation:

  • Efficient transportation method.
  • Less air pollution.
  • You may be able to work while using public transport.
  • Possibility to avoid traffic jams.
  • Reduction of public health problems.
  • Opportunity to meet new people.
  • No maintenance required from your side.
  • Good alternative for people who can’t drive.
  • Suitable alternative if you can’t afford a car.
  • Perfect for tourists.
  • Good alternative for the older generation.

Solution for commuting

Educational/Employee Transportation System Powered by AAITS

Security features

  • Live cam feeding
  • Physical Panic Button
  • Mobile based app
  • Notification alerts